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my name is Tati (Tatjana Biermas-Reichgruber) and I was born in Germany.

I mastered in photography in Cologne, Germany.
Worked for Manfred Esser, Helge Strauss (people) & HG Esch (architecture).

Was employed as a camerawoman for the WDR (ARD = Germany´s biggest TV station) for more than 10 years and work as a


Freelancer camerawoman and photographer (ENG, live broadcasting & stills)
since 2002.

My work includes:

Shooting documentaries for art shows, nature & science (medicine, technology, European Space Center)

Working in sports: I captured over a 300 car races all over Europe, soccer world championships in 2002, 2006 & 2010, countless ballgames (basketball, soccer, football, etc...) martial arts, triathlons, athletics, etc...

Wedding and architecture photography are my other passion.
When I still have time I love to go out into nature.
Taking pictures of the amazing beauty of our planet frees my mind.

I have done approx. 150 hours shooting aerials out of balloons, small planes, paragliders, ultralights & helicopters.

Worked with artists & impressive personalities like: Jörg Immendorff, Michael & Janet Jackson, Bo Derek, Pierre Littbarski, Ralf Schumacher, Guildo Horn,  Dalai Lama, Bundeskanzler Schroeder & Merkel and many many more.

I trained more than 15 of my assistants that now work successful as professional photographers or cameramen.

In 2010 I created the Cozumel Photo Tour.
Winning several awards in photography (the Cozumel Photo Shootout, Conservation Photography Contest, Short film Festival...to only name a few) attracted more and more students that wanted to learn from me.

The photography workshops I offer are for beginners, enthusiasts and people
that want to make their living with photography.
Everybody is welcome!

There are workshops for all levels & interests. I have a lot of fun passing on my professional knowledge and I am honestly thrilled by all the positive comments from my students.


I Iive happily in Cozumel, Mexico and work worldwide.

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