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Cozumel Above the Sea Photo Book

Cozumel Above The Sea

This coffee table book is a visual celebration of the dazzling variety of wildlife, culture, and scenery in the tropical island paradise that is Cozumel, with over 500 artistic and carefully crafted photographs taken over a three-year period.
A collaborative effort by the photographers Paul Von der Heyden, Tania Nacif Inigo and Tati Reichgruber Biermas.

How to look great on camera by Tati Biermas.JPG

How to look great on Camera

A self-published eBook by Tati Biermas providing lots of valuable and professional tips to master the art of your on-camera appearance and to deliver your message clearly and effectively. For quality home videos, webinars, business conference calls or live video chats and interviews on skype, zoom, , etc.

A quick 20 pages read, full of insider secrets and action-oriented.

The author of the books, Tatjana Reichgruber-Biermas, is an award-winning photographer and camera operator (dop) since 1992. She has worked for well-known TV channels all over Europe.
Tati now lives and works happily in Mexico, continuing her work in the field of visual
media and is available for 1:1 On-Camera coaching sessions upon request via email.

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