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Tati´s Tours ´n Coaching

You can learn about photography just about anywhere. But learning about photography in the tropical paradise of Cozumel island in Mexico, surrounded by crystal clear blue ocean, beautiful white sandy beaches, year-round warm and sunny weather, and welcoming friendly locals make Tati´s experiences so special.

Cozumel Photography Tours
~ walks, talks & photo coaching with Tati Biermas


Photography Workshop
in Havana, Cuba

Upon request only!
​Dip into this tropical paradise with a storied past and create memories that last forever.

Private and Group Photo Tours

Tati offers both PRIVATE and GROUP Photography Tours in Cozumel and will happily organize a tour that responds to your specific interests.

Please inquire about pricing via email to book your private coaching tour or group tour.


Photography lessons

Private and group Photography Coaching Sessions - and not necessarily a tour - are also available. Pricing depends on what you want to learn.

On my second instagram account I share my expert photography knowledge for free.
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You may also hire Tati for your personal photography coaching session.

And if you like to know "How to look great on camera", feel free to purchase Tati´s eBook:

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